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About Us

Amish Honey is a New York based company that was founded on our love for pure, unadulterated honey. It’s our goal to end our customers’ search for high quality honey by offering an unprecedented array of fantastic bee products at affordable prices.

Our honey comes from local sources as well as some of the best providers from all over the world including Russia and New Zealand. We are proud that our international products allow you to experience the world through honey, one of our oldest and most delicious foods.

Providing honey in its raw form is the only way to fully appreciate the unique flavors and textures that nature provides. That’s why we never treat our honey in any way that would affect its nutritional content or appearance. We believe in keeping our products as close to nature as possible, allowing our customers to enjoy the effects that different seasons, bee species, and nectar sources have on our honey.

We distribute our products to leading health food chains, grocery stores, and pharmacies and also encourage you to purchase from us directly.

Enjoy our premium honey and let us help you reconnect with nature!