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Natural Honey

Our pure, raw honey is sourced from high-quality providers who work as close to nature as possible. No heating. No additives. No processing.

100% RAW Honey

Our certified natural honey is honey how it is meant to be. Pesticide and chemical free from healthy, happy bees.


Our global providers give us the best honey from all over the world, always in its freshest, most natural form.

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About Us

About Amish Honey


Amish Honey was born out of our love for the natural goodness of pure, unadulterated honey. We take pride in our wide variety of locally sourced honey as well as our ability to distribute the world’s very best bee-related products to leading grocers, pharmacies, and health food chains. From delicious snacks topped with Russia’s rich buckwheat varieties to beauty and skincare products derived from antimicrobial honey from New Zealand, we provide premium honey with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Never filtered. Never pasteurized. Always the best!

Thanks to our high standards for both our products as well as our services, you simply can’t get any closer to nature!

Why Choose Us


Raw honey is not just delicious. It also provides numerous health benefits. However, it’s important that it comes from a trusted, reliable source. Our customers have come to rely on Amish Honey’s uncompromising attention to purity. Every product we offer must meet or exceed our top-shelf standards of excellence. We don’t filter, heat, or process our products leaving all of the natural enzymes, pollen, and minerals intact.

High Quality Sources

The quality of honey can only be as good as the quality of the flowers that the bees use to produce it. Our honey comes only from sources that we have determined to be of the highest quality.

International Variety

Taste the Amish Honey difference by sampling honey the world over. From New Zealand to California, we have it all.

Small Batches, Big Flavor

Unlike the big producers who mix and blend honey from hundreds of barrels to produce a uniform look and texture, we harvest in small batches that preserve natural color, flavor, and nutrition. Mother nature knows best!

From Hive To Home

We don’t do typical grocery store honey! Our raw honey is put in jars in the same place that it’s harvested ensuring that the honey enjoyed at home is as fresh as the day it was gathered.

Happy Bees

Our providers take the utmost care of their hives and provide their bees with rich, healthy, natural nectar sources.

Health Benefits

Our products are good for your health. Research has shown that eating honey every day can improve immunity and decrease blood pressure. Our raw honey arrives in its untouched state still full of natural nutrition. No wonder it’s called a superfood!


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