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Gallberry Blossoms 1 Lb


Gallberry Blossoms 1 Lb



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Gallberry, known for its robust flavor, has a light amber tone. RAW GALLBERRY HONEY (Ilex Glabra) Gallberry honey is produced from a small evergreen holly shrub also known as Inkberry. The resulting honey is rich, full-bodied and has an elegant taste. It is darker than many other honeys although light amber in color, stronger flavored with a mild tang. Our raw gallberry honey does not contain additives or flavors, is 100% pure and made in USA. We let it drip right into the bottle from the hive, unheated, and unfiltered; retaining all its natural creamy goodness. Naturally high in pollen, enzymes and low in glucose as opposed to fructose; hence slow to crystallize, it is used by many athletes as a recovery food. Can be used for baking, in coffee as a sweetener, used as a glaze on vegetables such as carrots and asparagus. It’s sure to be a new favorite in your pantry. Bloom: Small white to greenish-white blossoms emerge in late April to early June typically just after citrus groves have flowered. Flowers are not showy as blooms are small and low to the stems making them difficult to see at any distance. Dark blue berries are also small and hang on for most of the winter. This sweet natural honey treasure of the south Atlantic regions will not disappoint you. Its unique bold flavor complements many dishes and baked goods. Try a Gallberry Honey glaze on your next grilled salmon.

  • FEEL THE NATURAL HONEY : Rare Gallberry Honey. Smooth, 100% Raw & Natural, Domestic Gallberry Blossom Honey. Our Honey unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurized, unblended for a maximum benefits of health. Harvested by healthy bees!
  • AROMA & TASTE: Strong and sweet. Great Flavor and Taste!
  • NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES: No Pesticide, Pollutant, No Preservatives & Additives. No Colors, Gluten. OU Kosher Certified. Product of U.S.A.
  • PERFECT FOR: Tea, Coffee or Root Vegetables. Also excellent as a spread on toast & bagels, or drizzled on cheese. It’s an excellent gift.
  • Made in USA